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Services for those living with HIV/AIDS

You don't have to face living with HIV/AIDS alone... CLASS is here for you. We have a caring staff dedicated to helping with all aspects of living with HIV. We offer a number of services and work with other organizations in our community who can help - together, we stand ready to connect you to any services and programs you may need.

You are welcome to meet with a case manager to discuss your needs and go over details regarding our services. You may drop by our office any time during business hours (8am to 4:30pm most weekdays) or call (318) 442-1010 to make an appointment if you prefer.

Below is a brief description of our most frequently utlized services. If you don't see what you need on this site, give us a call and we'll do our best to help.


Medical Case Management

Our well-trained and compassionate staff work individually with people who are infected with HIV to develop their own care plans. These plans help each individual and their case manager determine what the person’s needs are – and how to get those needs met through linkages and referrals and direct assistance.

Case Managers are the key to coordinating the medical and psychosocial care for each individual we serve. One of the main issues we try to help with is treatment adherence. It is well-established that access to specialized medical care (infectious diseases specialists), routine lab work (CD4 and Viral Load), and adherence to customized medication treatments significantly increases the survival rate for people living with HIV/AIDS. Our case managers help clients remove the barriers to taking care of themselves and staying healthy and alive.


Food Pantry

CLASS operates a Food Pantry in which nutritious food and dietary supplements are available. Hours of operation:

• Monday and Tuesday 8:30am to 4pm
• Friday 8:30am to 3:30pm

The Food Pantry is supported through grants, church offerings, and donations from people in the community.


Transportation Assistance

Our Case Managers first try to link people up with other sources for transportation to/from medical appointments and social services.

However, we also can contract with individuals and with local transportation services (taxis, bus passes, and gas vouchers) if necessary to help remove this barrier to care.


Housing Assistance

The Housing Assistance Program is a short-term rental and utilities assistance program administered through CLASS (and other agencies in the state of Louisiana).

The program helps low-income people living with HIV/AIDS to avoid homelessness during periods of illness and/or financial hardship by providing short-term rental assistance or utility assistance directly to the recipient’s landlord or utility company.


Support Groups

Need someone to talk to? Come talk to a peer who understands what you are going through. Whether you need emotional support, help with adherence to your medication, or maybe just someone to listen to you, a peer can make it easier for you to deal with your day-to-day struggles with HIV/AIDS.

CLASS hosts several support groups - including a group for women living with HIV/AIDS. Contact us for more information.